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Nubby is a new way to discover & share shortend url's from people all over the web. Começar Learn More
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Use Nubby To Shorten URL's Use Our Bookmark Tool To Grab URL's As You Surf The Web!

Nubby lets you grab & shorten links to awesome content right from your browser in real-time!

Discover Millions of Short Links Nubby let's you discover millions of links to content from people & brands all over the web.

Create links to your own content and let others find you. Manage your URLs, share in the Discovery Portal, create splash pages for you and your brands, all from the Nubby dashboard.

Um painel para gerenciar tudo .
Um painel para gerenciar tudo Ouvia .

Complete Social Analytics Track Your Links Performance Everwhere on Social.

Nubby lets you track all of your links performance through various networks. Measure Your amount of interactions, geographic location,stats, & referral sites, all from your Nubby dashboard.

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